EV2015 Day 8
2 August 2015
Vietnam 越南

We join Sunday morning mass in church.

We attend the Mass this morning;
Yen and John's family offer the gifts to God.
我們參與這天早上的彌撒, Yen和 John一家作奉獻

We meet the children from the catechism classes
and sing with them.

Playing and having great fun with the Sunday school children.

Local friends prepare us another delicious breakfast.

Visiting local Chinese activities in the market, temple and calligraphy class…

Then we visit the Church of Our Lady of Peace ... and meet father ...
This is one of the three churches in Ho Chi Minh that has Chinese mass.

A belated celebration of Fr Yan’s 81st Birthday.

Final rehearsal

A Primitive is playing drum!!!

Make up time!

Claire just doesn't want to leave the fan at the backstage.She sings "Spread the good news" after delivering a touching testimony.

Claire 在後台一點也不想離開風扇
在一段感人的證道後, 她唱出 "我要宣揚"

Welcoming the participants of EVConcert with lion dance while they are waiting.

Welcoming the participants of EVConcert with lion dance while they are waiting.

These girls are ready for EV concert …

EV Concert Part 1

Fr Yan leads us pray before the EVConcert starts, then we kick off with song practice as usual …

Dance by local children ~ these lovely faces and actions always attract people’s attention.
Traditional Chinese dancing with the theme “Our Lady of Peace 和平之母”

Many local FOJPs join us to perform in the EVConcert.

Singing never stops …

Sketch and more singing …

“Angels with one wing” in dancing …
and all the participants enjoy in singing and doing actions, including Fr Wong …

EV Concert Part 2

Fr Yan shares on the theme with FOJPs sitting around him … then we have communion prayer
After praying, all the participants are busy in filling I questionnaire and blessing card.

Many non-Catholics are willing to come forward to the stage
and be blessed by all the priests … so touching …

Ending …The EVConcert is coming to an end … Fr Wong, the parish priest of St Francis Church
and who has known Fr Yan for over 40 years, share a few words for us.

The EVConcert has come to an end … but the participants are unwilling to leave…
they are so happy to follow the singing and actions …

We are so excited after the EVConcert …. lots of groups' selfie which is inevitable …



Powerful Byron!!

Group photo

We share before some of our members leave the next day.
在部份成員離隊前, 我們作了最後的分享。