Prayer Gathering 祈禱聚會 8/11/2009

Prayer Gathering held on Sunday, 8th November 2009 between 3:00-7:00pm
to show support and compassion to the flood and earthquake victims
in the Philippines and Indonesia.

A four-hour prayer gathering is not a usual attractive way to invite people to participate. But in fact, the attendance of many Filipino and Indonesian friends, who work in Hong Kong, was very encouraging.

The Friends of Jesus' Passover, who had recently visited the Chinese community of Jakarta and Manila for their 11th missionary journey, organized this four-hour prayer gathering to express support with the victims of earthquake and floods in Indonesia and the Philippines.



Zenia's Sharing

A short video on the tragedy in the Philippines and Indonesia, touched the hearts of many present. There was absolute silence and tears from these friends who live away from home and have gone through so much anguish and pain for their dear ones.


Very seldom, Filipinos and Indonesians happen to stay and pray together. It was moving to see how common suffering unites people and makes them pray for one another.

A group from Holy Family Parish, who had recently been in Jakarta on a pilgrimage, felt the need to express their support. They lead the rosary.



The mysteries of the suffering and of the resurrection of Jesus were meditated by the congregation while reciting the Hail Mary.

透過與會眾一同恭唸玫瑰經,我們可默想耶穌基督受難及復活所要彰顯的奧秘 ...

The Filipino community from St Joseph, led by Fr Alfred Don prayed fervently for one hour.




In moments of trial and suffering, I turn to my Lord ...



Through a short play, they expressed the anguish of a person in need who starts doubting whether God is sleeping and has forgotten about people's need. "Is God Sleeping" ends on a positive note.

菲律賓團體透過一齣短劇「天主睡著了嗎?」,表達一個人在遇到災難而感到痛苦無助時,往往會懷疑:到底天主在哪裡?是否因睡著了、而忘記人們的需要? 最終,短劇帶來了一個正面的訊息....

Friends from the local Indonesian community share their grief to the victims in Indonesia by prayers and singing.

During the prayer meeting, friends from Jakarta and Manila joined the prayer. They phoned in or sent SMS (text messages) to express they support they prayer intentions:


Message from Fr. Hilarius in Jakarta

Prayer intentions from friends in Manila

Messages from Mike Sy in Manila
寄自馬尼拉的Mike Sy


The bishop of Padang, the place terribly hit by the earthquake, sent in a very long Email (written in Bahasa). Special thanks to one of the participants who helped to summarising the email in English.


Email from Padang Bishop 寄自巴東主教的電郵

In Bahasa

Summary in English


A charismatic group - sharing with songs of praise and worship.


The adoration of the Blessed Sacrament concluded the gathering.



Alice Hung, Zenia Lau, John



Message & prayers from Jakarta and Manila

A note from Fr. Hilarius in Jakarta dated 7th November 2009

Dear Fr Yan & Friends of FOJP,

We are very glad to have received your email/letter dated 3-Nov 2009 for which we thank you.

We will share your prayer gathering by asking our parishioners to pray for the grace of God for those who have been suffering from natural disasters in West Sumatera Indonesia and the Phillipines at our chapel here on November 8,2009.May our merciful God bless them and relieve them from their distress and tribulation soon.

Yours very sincerely,
Fr. Hilarius Sutiono,CDD
Jakarta Indonesia.

Prayer intentions from friends in the Philippines

1. For civil leader - may they view authority as an opportunity to serve the community rather than as a source of honor and profit for themselves.

2. For the poor of our land, may they experience the concrete support of the community while they themselves show solidarity with the needy among them.

3. For all the victims of natural disasters, the refugees, and the homeless. May they be promptly assisted in their present need and be helped to rebuild their lives with dignity.

4. For all those afflicted with any kind of disease, especially influenza H1N1, lepto spirosis, etc. May they experience Christian concern and charity and be healed of their infirmities.

5. We praise and thank you Lord for your immense love manifested in many little ways of kindness and generosity as evident in the real and physical unbounded solidarity of people and nations. This communion which you have enacted to unite us through love and sacrifices so that the world may be restored to the grandeur of the Fathers greater glory. Amen.


Messages from Michael Sy in Manila

3rd November 2009 - Many thanks to the Friends of Jesus' Passover and Fr. Yan for your efforts to be in solidarity with us in the Philippines and our friends in Indonesia.

8th November 2009 - The thought of solidarity keeps on radiating in my mind even several weeks after the pilgrimage and solidarity visit to the churches in China. It would be different if the solidarity was just a message sent as a prayer and not so deeply felt as compared to the solidarity of presence. To be there personally and celebrating the Eucharist together means a lot especially in places where the mass is not too frequent. Although we had only talked with the people in charge, it would be more interesting to talk with the ordinary people. When we saw simple folks trickling into the church trying to join the mass that we had, some of them tried to talk with us. One of our major handicap would be our inability to converse with them in fluent conversational Chinese. Although we are comfortable with the native Hokkien dialect, we may need to practice fluent Chinese and the use of terms not commonly acquainted by us.

Solidarity was greatly felt when we worked with the EV concert group last August for the concert at ICA DTAS. This was a Hong Kong group the Friends of Jesus Passover. Their aim was to reach out in evangelization to the Chinese in our country, including newly migrated Chinese. It was a great learning experience working with them. Recently, we had several disasters that affected most of us. The group did not cut communications even after the concert. They still communicated with us. They asked about the conditions and how they can help. Today November 8 at 4:30 pm they will have a prayer service for the Filipino community in Hong Kong and they are asking us to send in their prayers as a form of solidarity with us in our sufferings. They hope to raise funds through their parish for the victims in the Philippines and Indonesia, two countries that they had recently visited. The theme of their concert "God is Love" reverberates as a real presence through this solidarity.

This is why our being Catholic is not coincidental but predetermined. How we make Christ's presence real into the world as His mystical body is another thing for us to reflect on. On our own we may not make a big difference, but as one body united in spirit and effort things may begin to take off. We may no directly be effective. However, the people God allows us to come into contact with brings them into this encounter with Him and He will be the one who uses others for His purpose. This is how I see it. We may not be there for the fruits to bear but at least we make efforts to plant the seeds.

Keep courage and be alert. No effort is wasted.


Sharing from Friends of Jesus' Passover





Allah itu kasih! Diyos ay pag-ibig! God is Love!

It was a great experience to pray in union and raise money with the Indonesian and the Filipino communities at St. Andrew's Parish in Tsang Kwan O, Hong Kong, for the victims of the flood and earthquake in the Philippines and Indonesia. Friends from Jakarta and Manila, whom we met a few months ago during our evangelization trip, also showed their support and phoned in during the four-hour prayer gathering. We had about 250 participants and raised approximately HK$20,000!
We had a full programme for the day and the programme was facilitated by groups from the Holy Family Parish, the Filipino Community, the Indonesian Community, Renewal in the Spirit Community (RiS) and Friends of Jesus' Passover (FOJP). We sang in different languages - in Bahasa, in Tagalog, in English, in Chinese and sometimes with actions. However, we understand each other because the presence of the Holy Spirit united us in God's love via praying, singing, sharing, meditating and Eucharistic Adoration. Fr.Yan blessed the congregation at the end of the programme.
Allah itu kasih! Diyos ay pag-ibig! Without God's love, what would bring us together to show our empathy and support to the victims of the flood and earthquake? As we are united in faith, we find strength in Him. Let us keep lighting the fire in our hearts and sharing our hope and love to the others.
By Zenia Lau, Friends of Jesus' Passover


Thanks! I am invited to join the Prayer Meeting for the flood and earthquake victims in the Philippines and Indonesia today. This is the first time I prayed with Filipino and Indonesian. This is the first time I shared the pains with non-Chinese in Christ.

From the videos cast in the meeting, we learnt more natural disasters occurred in Philippines and Indonesia this year. I saw that they cried and prayed for the suffering of their home families. I'm impressed at that moment. At first, I guessed the Filipino and Indonesian should work in Hong Kong without worries because they can earn money to support their home families. Actually, most of them (especially if they are mothers) may feel home-sick. This separation from family may become more seriously as they cannot come back to help their families in the disasters. They are paying the cost of separation and helping many Hong Kong families. We should thank for their achievements in Hong Kong.

I made a donation in the prayer meeting. Wish that this small money can give them a blessing due to God's love, and also offer the thanks to Reina who is Indonesian and previously working in my family. Wish that we of different nationalities can be united in God's kingdom.