"The Friends of Jesus' Passover" is a group of Chinese Catholic Youth, who come from various Overseas Chinese Communities around the world and gather together (normally once a year) to do Evangelization for Overseas Chinese.

"The friends of Jesus' Passover", conscious of having been called by Jesus to be His prophets, are grateful to Him for all the grace and love He has granted them, and are willing to put all the talents they have received at the service of Evangelization. At the same time they are ready to suffer all hardships and difficulties for the sake of spreading the Gospel.

"The Friends of Jesus' Passover" is not an organized Institution. They are free to join at any time or even for a short period. What they have in common is a strong faith in Jesus, a solid spiritual life and the desire to spread the Gospel of Jesus among brothers and sisters who have not accepted Jesus yet.
During the Evangelization Rallies (or Concerts, as we often call them), they sing songs composed by themselves, and share their joy, their prayers and faith experience with all the participants.

"The friends of Jesus' Passover" have no special funds for their expenses. They try to be financially independent. They pay for their air ticket. The local community of the place where the Evangelization Rally takes place, provides for food and shelter. Whenever financial problems arise, the help of friends, colleagues, families and supporters has always been there. More and more youth are joining them.
May be this is your chance. Join us!

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1999¡@The Beginning

Supported by a Catholic Community, led by an enthusiastic priest, a group of youth started playing music. More young talents came in, and after a while the question popped up, ¡§why not produce our own CD in preparation of the millenium?¡¨
In the spring of 1999, some of these youths had the chance of going to Rome, where they produced a beautiful MTV of their 21 new songs.

Thus the album, the Bells of Rome¡¨ was born. It was very well accepted by all. A new idea followed: why not organize an Evangelization Concert for youth?

In May of the same year, father Yan met a group of Overseas Chinese Youth, who were holding an Evangelization Concert in San Francisco. Fr Yan was so impressed by these youth, that he invited them to come to Hong Kong and, together with the Hong Kong group, organize an international Evangelization Concert.

After some months, one of the Hong Kong group, met another group of youth who were doing the same thing: Evangelize through songs!

The time was ripe for a communal action. On the 1st of October 99, China¡¦s National Day, the Evangelization Concert was held at Elizabeth Stadium. It was a huge success!

2000¡@Phrase 2

After the Concert, everyone went back to their countries. Was it the end, or the beginning of a new phase?

Through Internet and mutual prayer, the youths kept a close contact ,and a few months later the second missionary journey began. July1, 2000, the Hong Kong members of the Friends of Jesus' Passover were sent by the Vicar General of Hong Kong, Fr Dominic Chan, who told them ¡§Be not afraid, only believe¡¨(Mark,6:35).

Every year a new missionary journey brings the Friends of Jesus' Passover to every corner of the earth, to announce Jesus' Good News.

Do you guess the meaning of FOJP' logo?

The lamb is the traditional symbol of the Passover. The lamb is eaten during the Passover meal.

This lamb is in the form of a teenager, with wings, signifying a link with God. A guitar in his hand signifies his mission to fly all over the world to announce Jesus' Passover. The mission the the Friends of Jesus' Passover is to go all over the world to visit Overseas Chinese Communities and do Evangelization work.

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