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Dear Friends,

I am very excited to launch our first ONLINE SALES OF EVANGELIZATION MATERIAL.
It has taken some time to put together this new structure of spreading Evangelization material around the world. I hope you will support it, introduce it to your friends, and give suggestions how to improve it.

We begin with a rather limited list of items. Let us see how it works. As you can see, ONLINE SALES is based on personal trust, but I am confident that it will grow into a very effective way of reaching people where they are.
Pray for its success and forward this Email to your friends.

If you wish to purchase any of these EV materials, please write to specifying the title and quantity that you wish. We shall then contact you to inform you as to how and where you should send your cheque. Thank you very much.

Fr Yan

Products Introduction
BooksˇG The History of Salvation (in Chinese)
MediaˇG The Joy of Believing DVD & CD
The Seal of the Spirit CD
New Day New Me DVD & CD
Forgiveness - Road to Enduring Peace DVD
Wheat 2CDs
Know Forgiveness Know Peace DVD
Let peace begin with me, Let Joy flow from you VCD & CD
New Day New Me Concert VCD & CD

Production price:
HK$25 each
The History of Salvation (in Chinese)

An easy and exciting reading of the history of the Bible as it unfolds throughout the centuries. Each event, each prophet or king is put in its proper historical circumstances. Epoch after epoch are described until the birth of Jesus.
Maps and illustrations help the reader to better understand each new stage of history.
After having gone through this book, you will enjoy reading the book of the Bible.

3 DVDs in 1ˇĎCD

Production price:
HK$40 each


The 3 DVDs are:

1. The Joy of Evangelizing:
The Friends of Jesus' Passover continue their missionary journey they began 6 years ago.
They are still on the road, the road that leads to Joy, the Joy of living and witnessing Jesus' Gospel. This time they are in Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal, Washington, Atlanta, Houston.
They have an important message to share with you: to follow Jesus is a joyful and blessed experience.
If you have met Jesus and experienced His Joy, tell the whole world. If you have not found Him yet, choose the road, which leads to Him!

2. The Joy of Witnessing:
A group of Hong Kong Catholic families go on a pilgrimage to Korea and remain amazed by what they discover: a living and active Church, conscious of being descendants of martyrs.

3. The Joy of Singing:
MTV of 8 EV-songs. Sing along in joy, meditation and prayer.

Production price:
HK$20 each

THE Seal of the Spirit

A collection of 18 Praise and Worship Songs, all locally composed and produced. We all know how today's youth are searching for suitable ways of prayer. This CD could be a good help.

Production price:
HK$40 each

New Day New Me

This song book contains a DVD and a CD with 22 songs sung by a few primary school children in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, which can be used for morning assemblies in schools, for prayer meetings in Parishes and for prayer at home (parents and children sing together).

These action songs bring forth a message of "Joy" and "Hope" which are necessary ingredients for a "joyful learning". A happy child learns more and faster. The general theme of the songs is: each new day is a beginning of a new life. Rather than bring forth children's past mischief, let them start anew every morning!

Production price:
HK$40 each

Forgiveness - Road to Enduring Peace

During the 7th missionary journey (November - December 2005), we visited five Overseas Chinese Communities: Tahiti, Christchurch (NZ), Auckland (NZ), Suva (Fiji Islands) and Sibu (E. Malaysia).

This DVD is our report to each one of you, who have given us support and prayer. Watch it, please and share with us the joy of evangelization. You will see how much we gain by carrying out Jesus' mission.

2 CDs
Production price:
HK$40 each


A group of gifted young Catholics in Guangzhou utilize their talents to praise God.

Listening to the 14 songs composed by these youth, you can see how the new generation in China expresses their faith and hope in God, which ignites their fire to evangelize.

You can also sing the songs with the scores and melody tracks provided.

Production price:
HK$20 each

Know Forgiveness Know Peace

The 9th missionary journey (February - March 2007) that took us to South Africa (Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg) and London. Let's see how the Youth Evangelizers bring about the theme: If we need to go from one place to another, we have to make a journey. If we want to pass from hatred to peace, we must first build a bridge of forgiveness.

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each order of any other
EV Materials.

Let peace begin with me, Let Joy flow from you

1. * We take you to Assisi to feel and explore the mystery of how St. Francis lived Peace
* 14 songs - A group of youth share their experiences on writing songs and lyrics for Peace and Forgiveness. They believe in their "music ministry" as a means to achieve peace in the world.

2. St. Francis Prayer for Peace


given as a free gift for
each order of any other
EV Materials.

New Day New Me Concert

The songs used in this concert are all selected from the album "New Day New Me". This concert is a huge prayerful celebration for children. They all sing and dance together joyfully, thanking HIM, who gave to every child something unique. God has put HIS wisdom and creativity in each child's heart.

Dear parents and teachers, watch this DVD together with your children; let us help them to develop their talents. Remember that your children's greatest need is to be with their most loving parents.