Catholic Youth 公教青年人 Duration 4:29 時長曲、編: 容凌駒 詞: 梁家宜
Catholic Youth (MP3 format)
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"公教青年人" 寫於1998年﹐是作為當時一個青年營的主題曲﹐並很受年青人歡迎﹐這歌收錄於『羅馬鐘聲』的出品內。 This song was composed as a theme-song for a youth camp in 1998. It became very popular among youth. It was included in the Production “the Bells of Rome”.

歌詞 Lyrics

齊來頌揚我主的信仰, 齊來萬人在這裡分享
用我的 歌聲宣講主的愛, 同為這世界 加添色彩
齊來覓尋我主的訓悔, 齊來前行實踐主福音
在這天 你我共同和應, 可讓我 有熾熱和平之心

如何覓得主的路向, 曾在這世界找不到方向
無懼怕 皆因天主的導引, 憑著這 無悔信德

這一切是主恩, 可使我內心興奮
完全願意 讓這愛 送給身邊的你

盡力為了主愛, 散發一點曙光

 Catholic Youth Song
(a short paraphrase of the song)

Let us come together and praise the Lord's Love.
Let us listen to His teaching and live His Gospel.

If we lost our direction in the world,
Let us not be afraid, the Lord will be our goal.

Let us come together, and pray for all youths,
The Lord may strengthen their confidence.
Let us walk in His Love.
Everything is grace!
I feel thrilled, I want to create an ideal
And offer it to the Lord.
I want to spread His Gospel.
I want to kindle His Love in my heart,
And share it with you and with all!

Let us sing together, united in faith,
Sharing the same mission.
Let us become a ray of light.